YLP collaborates with numerous partners worldwide, to ensure that the best products and services reach the end customer. YLP has been a leading name in the Lighting Industry for – Lamp, Control Gear & Components for over 25 years. It has a strong manufacturing, R&D, quality foundation build with experience & understanding of the market. YLP harnesses this knowledge & experience in the form of products manufactures to put forth to this customers.

YLP offers a comprehensive range of products, covering all lighting technologies including LED, Fluorescent, Induction, HPSV, Metal Halide and Eco halogen. The YLP product range also consists of fi xtures and fi ttings for all applications as; Indoor, Outdoor, Retail, Hospitality, Commercial, Street Lighting, Industrial, Residential. The range of products also comprise of the necessary accessories like Electronic ballasts, Drivers, Switch gears, LED modules, Holders, Tracks, etc. Our products have the right quality; price and service that serve the purpose effectively.

YLP’s International collaboration includes Megaman, Aura, Neptun, Calex.

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