About YLP

Company Profile:


Your Lighting Partner (YLP) founded in 2013, leading market place of LED Lighting Products, Parts and Components in India. YLP focuses on serving its clients with a  broad assortment of products & service to meet their requirements. YLP believes in ensuring customer satisfaction and enriching experience, so our team is the fusion of young, experienced, energetic& enthusiastic professionals.  We always strive to give something new and innovate to our customers that meets and  surpasses their desire and expectations of products and solutions. So we  YLP team, strive together to bring new concepts and products that upgrade lighting from being a consumable item to be considered as an infrastructural components of any decision making.

We understand lighting at its fundamental level and this is how we try to ensure that right lights are used for right applications. YLP always wants that customer and buyers happy in all manner by using YLP’s  products, services and solutions.

We would be glad to understand your requirement & do a job that you will cherish for a long time.

You can reach us at: sales@yourlightingpartner.com

Company Vision and Mission:


The YLP has set its target towards becoming the largest  market place and most trusted provider of lighting products and solutions. We put all our resources at the service of our customers and partners. YLP knows that we cant achieve everything at once , so we have to work hard.

We our self choose our battle and we decided to learn from our mistakes, for making sure that the same mistake does not happened twice. We the YLP team commit you that we are ready to do everything which is necessary to deliver on our promise. For achieving ambitious goal, we have to learn to do things which never never been done before. We are ready to step forward and make seemingly impossible things possible

Our mission is to take an extra effort to make people happy by using YLP’s lighting products and solutions.

We would like to get involved in the actual process where we not only share knowledge & experience but work towards maximum satisfaction of our customers.

We hope to work with you on your projects!

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