LED Cove Lighting for your Retail Store


LED Cove Lighting for your Retail Store

Your Lighting Partner (YLP) provides professional lighting consulting, design assistance and comprehensive services and offers the energy efficient, high quality products for your Retail store.YLP has latest collections of Retail Lighting among which Cove Lights is one of the widely used lighting technology.

led cove lighting

Cove Lighting is an indirect source of illumination. It is used as an alternative technique for lighting the wall and ceiling to enhance & emphasize the architectural design of your retail store. It thus creates a strong line of continuous light source at the joint of a wall and a ceiling. The cove lighting produces spectacular and innovative effects as the cove may vary in shapes like round coves or curvilinear, vertical and other special shapes and types. The various designed coves or decorative coves can be beautifully highlighted by installing the cove lights exclusively available at YLP Store that makes the ceiling more attractive and visible.

cove lightsImage credit: SM Department Store in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

At YLP, you can select wide range of Cove lights for your Retail outlet as they are very significant in establishing the perfect shopping mood or atmosphere. It hides the fixtures and provides a very even, soft and stunning light. When installed effectively with other lighting techniques from YLP, can make your retail store look elegant, pleasing, refreshing and cheerful. The cove lights on the wall produces ambient layer of lighting which uniformly lits the area appearing it more spacious, warm and intimate while light on top of the wall or at the edge of the ceiling makes it seem cooler and brighter.

Cove lights from YLP will create overwhelming visual impact to your retail store whilst providing customer comfort for shopping and considerable in saving as it is highly energy efficient.

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