High Bay

High Bay Lighting Fixtures


LED High Bay lights are energy saving, along with long using life, no radiation, no noise, soft light, wide operating voltage and a series of good characteristics. YLP LED High Bay light with heat and impact resistant tempered glass lens anti-glare, has been increasingly welcome by most of consumers for commercial and industrial applications. The LED High Bay made of die cast aluminum housing with electro coat gray paint is recess mounted, CE and RoHS compliant and aesthetically sound.


* Use for Indoor, Outdoor, Freezer Applications.
* Heat and Impact resistant tempered glass lens anti-glare.high bay fixtures
* Die cast aluminum housing with electro coat gray paint.
* Instant On flicker-free Cold Start and Hot Re-Start.
* 108 PCS High output LED’s.
* High Power Factor, Low THD Driver.
* Concealed continuous gasket seals against harmful dust, dirt, moisture.
* Advanced phosphors for high lumen Maintenance and high lumen output.
* Up to 15 years Maintenance free operation.
* 5 Year Warranty on Complete Fixture (LED’s, Driver, Housing)
* Slim, State of Art, Low profile design optional.
* Motion Sensor Detector (MD) for increased energy saving.

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