Fuel Station

Fuel Station Lighting


YLP Fuel Station lights are designed to be used in areas approximately 8m and greater to provide well distributed and uniform light for open areas. The key element of the fitting which will help guarantee the correct light output is the reflectors and optics used by the fitting. A particular consideration for use with a Fuel Station is, it can light vertical surfaces as well as it can illuminate the floor, or working plane.

• Indoor.
• Outdoor.
• Gas Stations.
• Fuel Stations.Fuel Station Lights
• Industrial.


* Near Zero Light Pollution (ZPL) design.
* Heat and impact resistance glass lens.
* Aluminum housing with electro coat gray paint.
* Ballast made of long life components.
* Instant ON (TM) flicker-free Cold Start and Hot Re-Start.
* Correlated Color Temperature of 5000° for greater visibility.
* High Power Factor, Low THD Replaceable Ballast.
* Concealed continuous gasket seals against harmful dust, dirt, and moisture.
* Advanced phosphors for high Lumen Maintenance and high lumen output.
* Aluminum Anodized reflectors for superior long term performance.
* Up to 20 years Maintenance free operation.
* Surface mount, flange mount, or installed with steel wire system.

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